Youth and Young Adult Ministry / Confirmation

Youth Ministry

Join us for a fun afternoon, as we head out into the neighborhoods surrounding St. Mary with a food scavenger hunt. We will gather in the SMS lunch room and divide into teams with parent / adult drivers. You will head out into your designated neighborhood and go door to door asking for various food items. You will have a sheet with the types of items you are looking for and their point values (yes, it is a bit of a competition). The food items you connect will help refill the St. Mary Food Pantry. This is open to grades 7-12.

Link for Permission Slip for Scavenger Hunt / Parent Help form

We are expanding our Peer Ministry Teams to include both Confirmation and Outreach Peer Ministry teams. The Confirmation team will focus on the Sunday evening One 8 Sessions, service and Confirmation Retreat. The Outreach Team will focus on the Youth Ministry evenings, like the Faith and Fun Nights and will help with the Confirmandi / Sponsor Retreat and a few high school events. Please see the application as well as the calendar for the year / below.

Retreat Opportunity

We are again headed to the Credit Union 1 Arena (UIC Pavilion) on Saturday, October 19th, for Holy Fire. This is an interactive and powerful day, where we gather with thousands of young people from around the Archdiocese. We will hear amazing talks, inspiring music, enjoy friends and encounter Christ. This is open to our 7th and 8th grade young people. Below is a permission slip.

This is an amazing One Day Retreat called "God Is" / Rally, similar to Holy Fire. It is part of St. John Boaco Youth Day / Fire on the Hill (they have a giant bonfire as part of the day) The Event is free. If anyone would like to go, please send a note to the ym office. We would also be looking for parent drivers too.

The pics below have a link to their website and a full page of the flier.

Click Here for a Permission Slip:

Comprised of youth representatives who give insight and advice to the Cardinal and senior leadership about matters relating to being a young person in today’s Church. APYC meets 4-5 times during the school year to discuss, brainstorm and pray together. Students interested in representing their parish, peers and area on the APYC should be responsible and mature, understanding that the information they share can affect the life of the 2.2 million Catholics in the Archdiocese. To apply you must be a high school student as of August 2019, committed to making and participating in meetings and interested about the role of young people in the Church. . Students must also obtain a recommendation from one adult as to their fitness for this role. If you have any questions, please

Young Adult Ministry!


You will hear a lot of things about the Sacrament of Confirmation over your two years of prep...some parts sound more official and others are more about experience. Our fervent hope is that you not just learn about Jesus and His church, but Know Him personally. Throughout your time of preparation, along with our adult and teen leaders, you will have an opportunity to encounter your faith through small groups, large groups, inspiring talks, discussion, games, team building, retreats, service, music, prayer, food!, Reconciliation and Mass. You will be able to grow in friendship with those around you, inspiring each other to grow in holiness and discipleship.

As the catechism states:

Please take a look below and click on the various links to get a fuller picture of our preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation including registration, expectations, a calendar and a letter of invitation. As you have heard before, "You get out of it, what you put into it"....the same applies here. Along with the powerful guidance of the Holy Spirit, the most important part we need is you! If you have further questions, please feel free to call the parish office.

As per the Archdiocese, our preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation is a two year process, typically beginning in the 7th grade, leading to the celebration of the Sacrament in the spring of 8th grade. If you are in high school and have been registered in religious education or catholic school, you may also register at this time. If you have taken a break from your religious education preparation or are in need of other Sacraments, please call the religious educations office to get started.